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University Partner Challenge

The Province of Gelderland actively seeks partnerships with public and private academic institutes that are able to welcome additional talent in Gelderland. There are huge opportunities for educational partners and international students to locate in Gelderland. There are already interesting job openings for graduates in industries like ICT, healthcare, paramedics, engineering, agri-food science and education. Gelderland invites interested local and international academic institutes and educational partners, to provide us with their partner proposal. We are looking for proposals that have an approach for collaboration with the employers and educational partners in the region, for attracting international talent and with requirements for setting up a satellite campus, gate way or other organizational set-up in Gelderland. The winners of the University Partner Challenge Gelderland will receive a formal invitation, travel budget and red carpet reception by Michiel Scheffer, Regional Minister of Economic Affairs and Work from the Province of Gelderland. The winners will also meet with the top employers, educational institutes and local government executives. During the stay in Gelderland, a partner program will be discussed to jointly identify the conditions for success.


Seeking education partners to attract and educate talent for Gelderland

Proposals might include:

- Integrated approach for internships, industry certificate programs and other more innovative approaches to address the skills gap and drive entrepreneurship;
- Collaborations with existing universities and/or educational organizations in Gelderland the Netherlands;
- Collaborations with future or existing employers in the region e.g. NXP Semiconductors,  Rijnstate Hospital, FrieslandCampina, Hyster –Yale Group, Unilever and many more.

Read here additional information about funding opportunities for innovation partners in Gelderland.

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Scheffer (Dr)

Deputy of Economy, Education, Europe
Province of Gelderland


Member of the executive board
Wageningen University

Boele (Dr)

Chairman of the board
HAN University of Applied Sciences

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Ideal partners will have

  • A strong proposition for attracting international students;
  • Ambitions to expand their locations for graduate and undergraduate level programs abroad through either collaboration with local research and educational institutes or through the set- up of a satellite campus, gate-way or other physical presence in Gelderland;
  • A strong collaborative mindset, looking for and creating synergy between partners;
  • Suggestions for collaboration with in Gelderland located existing research and educational partners through e.g. dual degrees, joint degrees or other forms of collaboration or partnerships;
  • Strong track record in teaching entrepreneurial skills and creating entrepreneurship;
  • Innovative collaboration models for industry collaboration;
  • A collaboration program with the industry for coaching, internships and other more innovative approaches to close the skills gap;
  • Examples of international collaboration programs with other universities;
  • Integrated approaches with industry-trained instructors. 

The Province of Gelderland seeks to establish a real partnership, to jointly create the conditions for success. 

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The province of Gelderland
The Province of Gelderland is one hour away from Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and strategically located between two key European economies: the Dutch Randstad and the German Ruhr Area. Gelderland boasts top business, research and education in Agri-Food, Life Sciences & Health, High Tech Materials and Cleantech & Renewable Energy. Like the rest of the country, Gelderland has a highly educated, multilingual, internationally oriented workforce blessed with an open mind, an entrepreneurial spirit and a long tradition of working together. Gelderland has leading entrepreneurial academic research centers and educational institutes, for example Wageningen University & Research, Radboud University in Nijmegen, and the HAN University of applied Science. In the coming years, Gelderland would like to welcome an additional 10,000 (under)graduate talents in the region. This is required to address the shortfall
in local talent and rising demand from employers in the region.

House of Open Innovation
Innovation today is about access, not ownership. Having access is however just the first step. To get to implementation you need to be able to absorb innovations succesfully in your organization and business model. Implementing innovation is our core. Our toolbox is filled with instrumentation. Innovation is about changing behaviour sometimes supported by technology. Next to the ‘regular’ process tools, we have programs that are geared towards the human factor in (Open) Innovation. Let us assist your organization to use Open Innovation through solid proven industry practices that are tailored towards your business. 

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