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Not a lack of ideas but a lack of implementation and integrated thinking are usually the missing pieces of the innovation puzzle. Our services are based on many years of experience, working with clients in both the public and private sector. Even though we have nicely defined our services, not a single project is alike. All the services are a starting point for a conversation to get an understanding of your organization, your needs and your challenges. All our client engagements end up being customized


 implementation plans, meeting their specific and unique organizational requirements and markets. We understand that trust is the basis for any collaboration and results are the fuel of implementation. That is why we integrate experimentation, the human factor, communication, human behavior and having a good laugh every now and then into every service we provide. But please do not take our word for it, read and ask our clients and partners about their experience.

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Implement Innovation

How do you implement innovations efficiently?

Innovation is a novelty that the customer adopts. How can you shorten your time to market and implement your innovation faster? Our core capability and passion is around successful implementation of innovation using Open Innovation good practices that accelerate your customer’s adoption. We do this by complementing your team 

and by working shoulder to shoulder with the innovators on your team to realize the project and or program results. 

Impact: Acceleration of successful market adoption with shorter time to market and lower risk.

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OI Organizational Readiness

Is your organization future proof?

Innovation today is about access not ownership. But how do you ensure that your team has the right behaviour, skills and capabilities? How do you identify the gaps in your organization? Our Open Innovation Assessment program delivers you

 all the answers and in an organizational Open Innovation readiness report. 

Impact: insight and momentum for organizational change. 

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OI Absorption

How do you enable the absorption of innovation?

How do you manage the shift from creation of innovation to absorption of innovation? What is the right (Open) Innovation strategy, skills, capabilities, processes, behaviours and mindsets for your organization? How do you define and set-up an organization that excels in successful absorption of innovation? How do you successfully partner with start-ups and other types of organizations? 

We implement organizational Open Innovation readiness by defining and implementing the right strategy, processes, skills and capabilities.

Impact: shorter time to market, lowering risk, increasing innovation options and improved organizational responsiveness. 

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Trusted Network Modelling

How to use next generation supplier innovation?

What is the right future strategy for innovating with your supply base? How do you find and leverage internal & external knowledge or solutions? How do you successfully collaborate on innovations with suppliers? We deliver and implement the processes, platform, behaviour and organization that is required.

Impact: Direct results in current innovation projects, shorter time to market, better return on investment in R&D, lowering project risk, reducing complexity, reduction of internal resources for R&D, acceleration of innovation projects. 

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Global Network Modelling

How to use supply side modelling in a global setting?

There are over 10 million PhD level resources working in industrial research, start-ups, companies and institutes, all creating new technologies and solutions every day. How do you leverage this resource? How do you identify your innovation options? How do you find the right partner to collaborate with? What models and agreements work for your organization? We built the skills and capabilities for scouting and collaboration in a global innovation ecosystem by doing the work with your team and with your organization on concrete projects creating tangible results. 

By using tools like convergent challenge broadcasting with you, you develop the required capabilities hands-on.

Impact: Direct efficiency results in current innovation projects. Shorter time to market, better return on investment in R&D, lowering project risk, reducing complexity, reduction of internal resources for R&D and acceleration of innovation projects. 

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Value Chain Innovation

Instant Innovation Consortia

How do you create more impact on big needs? How can you pool resources as problem owner? How can you influence the creation of solutions deeper in the value chain? How do you create a market pull that delivers high impact innovations? We work with you and your team to organize demand creation using the ‘shared problem’ model. Our tools around consortium development and 

partnering together with development and organization of assets ensures results.

Impact: Lower risk and cost, faster implementation of innovations and high impact solutions coming from deeper sources in the value chain.