Our challenges are an open invitation to anyone who can help solve relevant problems and challenges. Each challenge starts with a well defined problem, solution criteria and an implementation or experimentation step. Each challenge provides the opportunity for you and your team to collaborate with inspiring people and organizations. Because innovation today is about collaboration.

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CO2 off / heat on

Eighteen social housing corporations in the Netherlands – managing and owning over 250,000 houses – are seeking an innovative solution for replacement of the individual central heating systems currently operated with natural gas fueled combination boilers.
These corporations represent a subgroup of the 3 million residential dwellings in the Netherlands. The corporations want to make all of these homes natural gas free and CO2-neutral by 2050 with a neutral impact on the energy bills for the tenants. 





The objective of the Residential Heating Challenge is to find a compact solution with a cost-neutral energy impact for the tenant which reduces the CO2-emission by at least 80% compared to the current individual natural gas fueled combination boiler.  
We invite proposals for alternatives to replace the existing central heating systems with natural gas fueled combination boilers. Do you have the solution? Participate in the Residential Heating Challenge and help us reduce the CO2-emission.

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Retrofit Insulation Challenge

Every home a new wall insulation

Bo-Ex, Mitros and Portaal, three housing corporations in Utrecht, aim to make tens of thousands of homes more sustainable. Starting with retrofit insulation of these homes. Do you have the innovative solution for façade insulation? A solution with a high insulationvalue that allows heating of the homes with a low temperature heating solution? 


Which is affordable and can be installed with little inconvenience for our tenants? The Utrecht housing corporations have challenging sustainability ambitions. An important part is the insulation of tens of thousands of social housing units. Reducing the total amount of energy required for heating houses through improved insulation is the first step towards CO 2-neutral houses. (NB: This challenge is in Dutch.)


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Well prepared on mission by understanding the environment

The DoD wants every mission to be carried out successfully, with the safety of its own soldiers and that of the partners as a high priority. With good preparation, understanding and overseeing the environment is of crucial importance. The environmental factors such as weather, watercourses, sightlines and other variables are of vital importance. We call this 'Situational Awareness'. Depending on the decision level, chart scales of 1:250,000, 1:50,000 and 1:100 are used. 

The models are made with the help of cutting and pasting, artifacts and by modeling landscapes in the sand. The intensive study of the map and the imitation of the landscape in a scale model contribute to the understanding of the environment. However, this is time-consuming and not always accurate enough. Defense wants to learn whether 3D models help to improve 'Situational Awareness'. Read more about this challenge and how to participate on the link below. 
(NB: This challenge is in Dutch.)

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Seeking education partners to attract and educate talent for Gelderland

The Province of Gelderland actively seeks partnerships with public and private academic institutes that are able to welcome additional talent in Gelderland. There are huge opportunities for educational partners and international students to locate in Gelderland. There are already interesting job openings for graduates in industries like ICT, healthcare, paramedics, engineering, agri-food science and education. Gelderland invites interested local and international academic institutes and educational partners, to provide us with their partner proposal. We are looking for proposals that have an approach for collaboration 

with the employers and educational partners in the region, for attracting international talent and with requirements for setting up a satellite campus, gate way or other organizational set-up in Gelderland. The winners of the University Partner Challenge Gelderland will receive a formal invitation, travel budget and red carpet reception by Michiel Scheffer, Regional Minister of Economic Affairs and Work from the Province of Gelderland. The winners will also meet with the top employers, educational institutes and local government executives. During the stay in Gelderland, a partner program will be discussed to jointly identify the conditions for success.

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This challenge helps social housing corporation Mitros in the Netherlands identify innovative solutions for a healthy and pleasant indoor environment. For the winners of this challenge, Mitros has allocated € 80.000,-. Participants to the challenge have a chance to win a contract with Mitros and the opportunity to 

present their solution to other social housing corporations in the Netherlands. The winners are invited to implement and demonstrate their solution into an existing house. Do you want to participate? Read more about this challenge and how to participate on the link below. (NB: This challenge is in Dutch.)