Cracking the codes in the challenging Open Innovation world has only contributed to our enthousiasm and passion despite some bruises. Our team is made up of technology-, communications-, human resource-, project management- and innovation experts. Our senior staff have worked in Open Innovation for well over 15 years. Together with you and your team we work, shoulder to shoulder on implementing Open Innovation. We love a good challenge, a good laugh and working towards proven results.

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Our Team

Rick Wielens

Managing Director

For 20 years Rick has been deeply ingrained in the world of innovation. As CEO for Ninesigma Europe he developed a growing and profitable operation with major brand recognition in the Open Innovation industry, creating a steady string of successes with over 100 large clients like Siemens, Philips, ASML, Clariant, AkzoNobel and AstraZeneca. Rick has a real founder's mentality, very client focused, creative and fun to work with. His first venture after his various roles at Philips and SAP was an Open Innovation expert sourcing company, HIP Europe, that leveraged knowledge from high level retired professionals to address a broad range of innovation needs. Rick has a true passion for learning, teaching and implementing innovation practices. He loves working with client teams to help them put innovation into action.

Margot Nijkamp-Diesfeldt

Program Director

If anyone knows a lot about Open Innovation (OI): it’s Margot Nijkamp. As one of the pioneers she started Packard Bell (Europe), Intermec, E-ONE and Holst Centre, the first Open Innovation Institute in the Netherlands. The contents of her contribution lies mostly in Human Resources, Communications and Operations. As a pioneer, it is important to offer a generalist view. At the start-up of the Holst Centre in 2005, Margot developed a specific HR-strategy to let talent flourish in OI. After 5 years Holst Centre had been built up to 240 international talents, she set up the OpenSme program for niche markets by SME-companies. She is the creator of The Open Innovation Game, a game to learn the working of OI by experiencing it. Writing novels and poetry is her great escape.

Susanne Franken

Program Manager

Susanne Franken joined the House of Open Innovation in the position of Program Manager. As a hospitality professional, she is a natural communicator and makes everyone feel at home. With her support and organization skills she keeps the team sharp and focused. Susanne is warmhearted and always interested in interacting with people with a different background. Her favorite travel destination is Asia. She loves to spend the weekends with friends and family.